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Wahlco is a leading international provider of air pollution control equipment, servicing the utilities industry and a pioneer of SO3 Flue Gas Conditioning systems.

Since 1972 Wahlco has supplied over 600 systems worldwide.

Specializing in the design and manufacturing of the patented Urea to Ammonia (U2A®) generation system and Aqueous/Anhydrous equipment for NOx reduction systems.

We provide engineering and manufacturing for a wide range of specialized equipment such as direct ammonia injection and chemical mixing systems.

Producing engineered products including custom tubular heaters and specialty thermocouples for industrial applications.

Wahlco offers full-spectrum field support, including installation supervision, commissioning, maintenance, equipment upgrades, rentals, and replacement parts.

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    u2a Urea to Ammonia Systems
    ammonia Ammonia Systems
    flue Flue Gas Conditioning
    heaters Heaters and Thermocouples
    aftermarket Parts & Services
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